I’ve neglected Vanna in my life lately so I spent some time with her this morning cuddling up in the back seat. Great way to spend a rainy afternoon if I say so myself.
It’s hard to imagine being trapped around a pool like this when the ocean is right behind this hotel. 💁 (at Outrigger Reef on the Beach)
Waikiki (at Waikiki Beach Walk)
There is no such thing as a bad day here.  (at Makapu’u Lookout)
My bae and the sea.
Elliott is in there somewhere 💁 (at Sandy Beach Park)
Summer, USA
So I just HAD to share my friend @jellybellycruicks work done on her safari trip to South Africa. She stayed at the Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge and capture some incredible candid shots. It is a conservation area where the Big Five live: lion, leopard, rhinoceros, buffalo, and elephant. Check out the rest of her shots. I can’t wait to have my own visit there!
There is no better breakfast buffet than Shore Bird’s. I could eat there for dayyyyysssssss 😍 Thanks SO much to David Nagaishi for extending his generosity. Our tummies are happy.  (at Shore Bird Restaurant & Beach Bar)
Wake up like this
All Gold Everything
Fun product shots in the pool 🍎
My perfect backpack from @polerstuff. It’s having a great day in the fields while I hop on swings. 🌼 (at Tantalus (Oahu))
Making the most of a day off with setting up a faux studio… and eating all of the cookies.
Happy Aloha Friday!