I wish I could time travel back to these moments 🔮 #missingmyfriends (at Bucktown/Wicker Park)
Fancy towels are necessary (at Outrigger Reef on the Beach)
Elliott got a new coat
The blowholes were something serious today! Thanks to our friend, Laura, we got to cruise the coast on a speed boat this morning and see the island in an amazing way. Best wake up call to date 🐳 (at Hawaii Water Sports Center)
Diamond Head always makes for a great backdrop. Here’s Elliott going in for a look. #WHPbwlandscapes  (at Ala Moana Bowls, Rockpiles & Kaiser Bowl)
These burgers are amazeballs. So is listening to a New Zealander say “Teddy’s” 💁 (at Teddy’s Bigger Burgers)
A dream within a dream ❤️
Finger food  (at Tree Home)
This sky: no filter.
Days off need to look like this more often.  (at Tree Home)
Scenes from the west.
Hawaii bein all beautiful n shiii (at Cromwells)