What else is new?
This vase non-vase is made of magic. Our flowers live forever in it.  (at Tree Home)
I’ve watched 3 movies in 2 days… which is more than I’ve seen in 3 months. Does it count if 2 were romantic comedies? @edgilardon, I know I have your vote.
On my way back to Hawaii 🎋
Nothing like sharing the ocean with people that make you smile a lot. #tbt
Can’t wait to go home!
We didn’t land on Hershey’s cupcakes. Hershey’s cupcakes landed in us.  (at Hershey’s Chocolate World Las Vegas)
Love me some tide pools. 

This is the kind of chandelier girls dream about having above their jacuzzi.  (at Mix Restaurant at Mandalay Bay Resorts)
I usually tell the story to people of how I wanted to learn how to break dance when I was in 4th grade so, I rented a how-to video at the library. Needless to say, I didn’t learn to break dance but I DID learn how to moon walk. #theresmykingofpopstory (at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino)
Exhausting day of plane sleeping, watching Duck Dynasty, playing Candy Crush, ironing my clothes, failed attempts of finding my room’s a/c controller, and scheming how to make it to the m&m factory. #day1
Sunset chasing in the desert.  (at Robertos Taco Shop)