3 pugs + sunrise + bench snuggling with my babe  = the perfect morning
The only way to have fun on a dry miniature golf course is to spin 5 times before putting. Equally as disorienting.
My fabulous days in the arctic tundra. #WHAT
Over exposed cotton candy sunset. 

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.
I upgraded my iPhone.
Pretend you were stepping through those doors for the first time.

The feeling is the very same every time after that. This home is made of magic.  (at Tree Home)
πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡Warning: sappiness below πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡My life was extremely different one year ago. I sat on a mega bus from Kansas to Chicago in the back, right corner and balled my eyes out for 9 hours. I had no idea just how attached I had grown to Elliott. Here he was, on an adventure to Hawaii, one way, and I was going the complete opposite direction back home. I didn’t know when I would see him again or if this was possibly goodbye forever. All I could do was sink my face into this cold window and stare at the sky. It almost looks like the moon was sitting on a musical scale with one  note. I promised myself I wasn’t going to give up on us, because I knew that there was more in life we needed to experience together. So, the calls began. The facetiming on the regular. The gifts in the mail. The trips to see each other back and forth. Then 10 months later, a balloon pop. I needed to be with him. I couldn’t sit and wait for things to happen or for our lives to somehow line up. I sold my things, I saved my pennies, and I moved to Hawaii with 3 suitcases and a heart ready to explode with excitement. There is no better place to fall more in love with someone than here. …And there is every reason to follow your passions and do everything you can to be happy.
#bigasshat (at Diamond Head Beach Park)
A fresh sunrise stroll on North Shore. Such a calming and serene moment to be one with the ocean and let it wash all around your legs. #hilife to the max.
Sunset is still my favorite color, and rainbow is second. - M. Stepanek
 (at Fort DeRussy Beach)
Hallucinogens growing in the garden. They smell amazingly sweet.  (at Tree Home)
The comfort a stuffed teddy bear has is beyond magical. I think we all need one from time to time.  (at Tree Home)
Sunset poke bowl; a beautiful thing. #sunsetsforbreakfast
My #disasterboard ….home is truly my happy place. Here’s to progress in the making! (at Tree Home)