Secret passages
The art of drinking coffee is an interesting hobby.
Who cares what’s on this earth. The sky holds way more adventure.
It’s been raining for 2 days straight so I hope this would bring the sun back.  (at Honolulu, Hawaii, USA)
Behind the scenes
Twinkle twinkle
Sometimes I forget how nice it is to have fresh flowers at home.  (at Tree Home)
Selfies at the beach.

Collab with Janele’s safari 📷
The one that stole my heart and got away with it.  (at Due West Ranch)
A sight to smile about  (at Waikiki Beach Walls)
💭💭❓💭💭❓💭💭 I have a question: If I come to Chicago from 11/22-26, will someone let me stay at their place?
Love when that sun sparkles up on the surface and there’s not a cloud in sight 💙💎💙